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Alpacas are mammals that belong to the camel species. These animals are quite appealing to many humans because of their small size and furry body. The fur of an alpaca is called fleece and these animals are shorn yearly for this silky fiber.

These mammals are very well known for their calm and friendly nature. The following video shows how quickly a herd of alpacas build an understanding with children trying who are to feed them. This is just one of the many personality traits that these animals share.

Facts about Alpacas:

  • The life span of Alpacas is estimated to be around 25 years.
  • These mammals show a unique behaviour of spitting out at other herd members. Female Alpacas does so to signify her displeasure to the kind of approach the male member of her herd makes.
  • Manure of an Alpaca is rich in many nutrients and vitamins. Their dung functions as an excellent fertilizer and can be directly used in the fields.
  • Unlike other herbivorous animals, Alpacas do not completely eat the grass strand. They nibble the grass without uprooting them and hence ensuring a periodic supply of food.
  • There are as much as 22 natural shades of colours that can be extracted for Alpacas.
  • Alpacas do not make noises. Instead they make humming sounds to communicate with each other. Crias (little ones) can detect their mother’s distinct humming sound.
  • Fleece of an alpaca is technically resistant to flame.

Alpacas in Woodland, Utah

Blue Moon Ranch is situated in Woodland, Utah and is just an hour drive away from Salt Lake City. This facility has over 15 distinct breeds of Alpacas which have been brought up after years of adequate nourishment and care.

With a group of healthy and fully developed alpacas, the Ranch has developed their business of selling these animals. Other than visiting this place just for buying alpacas, customers can also purchase batts, fibres, rovings and even finished products sewed from the fibers of their very own animals.

The ranches alpacas are raised affectionately and with extreme care. This is probably the reason that all their animals have names rather than having numbers. Added features to this sophisticated ranch are the installed web cams that stream live videos to the farms website. With the help of this new technology, viewers can personally witness the amount of work and care that goes into making these animals life peaceful. Moreover, this provides buyers the opportunity to see and evaluate health of these Alpacas.

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Alpacas in Loveland Colorado

Stargazer Ranch is a 15 year old facility located in Loveland Colorado. The ranch first started in 1988 with only one female alpaca. Over time the herd as well as the facility grew in size. The property was fenced and a sophisticated barn for its alpacas was built.

Currently, the ranch owners keep the herd size to somewhat around 65 alpacas. Most of its occupants were born and raised in the same ranch. Crias are born every year which are nourished and raised with great pleasure.

Alpacas are different from other livestock’s considering the fact that they can breed all year round without any particular mating season. Cameras located in the ranch are focussed to capture each and every activity of these beautiful creatures. The camera installed at the “Alpaca Birthing Pen” monitors movements of newly born crias. Expectant dams placed in that site attract several other alpacas, hence providing the perfect spot to view these mammals.

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Alpacas in Island Alpaca Co.

The Island Alpaca Company of Martha’s Vineyard is a huge facility located south of Cape Cod. The ranch is situated in the Island of Martha’s Vineyard. Ferries make regular trips from nearby islands as well as from the coasts of Massachusetts.

It started as a small barn of 10 alpacas in 2006. Over the years, the company and its alpacas have grown in number. In 2008, the official count was a total of 31 alpacas. Currently, there are as much as 70 huacayas, 1 suri and 1 Ilama living in under the backdrops of a beautiful coastal landscape.

Various breeding programs carried on for years have led to the company’s mass collection of colourful alpacas with fine fleece and excellent health. Apart from offering sales, this popular facility has its own gift shop offering finished goods and other items.

Various workshops and events are also held on a yearly basis to keep buyers and visitors interested. In order to extend their reach for attention, the company has installed webcams in the barn and other general areas. Footages are streamed online in the company’s website for its users to watch and enjoy these magnificent animals from the comforts of their house.

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Ann Arbor Alpacas

Ann Arbor Alpacas is located in the states of Michigan. This small farm was started in 1997. Ever since then, the farm has seen a wide variety of alpacas belonging to huacaya and suri sub-species. Among all its fine alpacas, Peruvian, Bolivian and Chilean are its best breeds.

All animals are giving same amount of time and care so that they turn out to be healthy and fit. The facility offers its customers with added features like discount, first hand training and stud services.

Customers are drawn to Ann Arbor for the fabulous colours and excellent fiber characteristics of its animals. The products flowing out of the farm are put through testing and approved by experts.

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