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Koalas are very gentle creatures that are known for its calm nature. Exclusively found only in Australia, these mammals are basically classified into two different subspecies; one from the north while the other from the south.

Biologically, koalas from southern region of Australia are found to be bigger and possess darker skin color. The documentary video below sheds light on the life of koalas and the dangers they face from various predators such as snakes, goannas and even male members of their group.

Facts about Koalas:

  • The term “koala bear” may seem quite normal to people, but the actual fact is pretty astonishing. Koalas are not bears!! Their closest living relative is the wombats.
  • Koalas are Marsupials; i.e. their young ones are born immature and highly vulnerable. Their new born are then carefully brought up for about 6 months in a pouch attached to their mother. Another year may pass by till the young ones are on their own.
  • Almost 99% of a koala’s diet consists of eucalypt leaves. Surprisingly there are 600 different varieties of these leaves while koalas have been found to consider only a few of these in their daily diet.
  • These mammals sleep for around 18 hours a day. This is so as to compensate for its low nutrient diet and in a motive to conserving energy.
  • Much like other animals, Koalas also set perimeters known as home range. It consists of a set of trees that they use to sleep and eat. Home ranges overlap only while breeding.

Koalas in San Diego Zoo

Opened in 1916, the San Diego Zoo is home to over 3 700 animals that come from over 650 species and subspecies. The Zoo is located in Balboa Park, San Diego. This 100 acre facility is an accredited member of Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) as well as the American Alliance of Museums (AAM). San Diego Zoo was amongst the first organization to develop the concept of open-air enclosures that provides the animals with a natural habitat landscape. Koalas and other animals, such as wombats and wallabies, which are native to Australia, are exhibited in the Australian Outback area.

Further realizing the importance of sunlight for koalas, the zoo has made bigger exposure and open ground. Webcams located in the exhibit captures live activities of these animals. This is then streamed live on to the zoo’s official website.

View Koalas in San Diego Zoo webcam.

Koalas in Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Established in 1947, the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is known to the world more as a feeding ground for massive flocks of wild rainbow Lorikeets. These birds fly to the sanctuary in huge number to feast on a special mixture of food particularly prepared for them.

Currumbin Wildlife is located in Queensland, Australia. Apart from hosting a number of events and shows in the park, the sanctuary is globally renowned for its state of the art veterinary and rehabilitation hospital where thousands of injured birds and animals are brought every year. After receiving highest level of veterinary care and within days of admission, these animals are treated and let out free to the wild. Other attractions of the park are its salt water crocodile show, free flight bird show and koalas.

Such good care for the animals is further enhanced by the use of modern technology such as animal monitoring system. Webcams located in several exhibits of the park stream live videos which are then uploaded to the sanctuaries website. This offers a great deal valuable data and information about these animals. Attempts are further made to make animals life as comfortable as possible.

View Koalas in Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary webcam.

Koalas in Edinburgh Zoo

Established in 1913, Edinburgh Zoo is an 82 acre facility located in Scotland. As of 2008, the zoo was home for a huge population 1100 animals belonging to over 170 different species.

Apart from being popular among tourists, the zoo is also an accredited member of several prominent associations such as BIAZA, WAZA and EAZA. Over 600 000 tourists visit the Edinburgh zoo every year to enjoy many of its major exhibits; which are Koalas, Giant Pandas, Chimpanzees, Penguins and many more. Besides being the first zoo in the world to shelter and breed penguins, the zoo is also globally known to be the only facility in Britain to house koalas and pandas. Currently, there are two male and one female Queensland Koalas housed in the zoo.

As part of the European Breeding Programme, these Koalas have either been classified to be too young to breed or have successfully bred in past. Web cams are located across the zoo to monitor animal movements and activities. Mission of Edinburgh zoo is to influence people’s perception towards animals and to inspire them to play their role on conservation of animals and safe guarding the biodiversity.

View Koalas in Edinburgh Zoo webcam.

Koalas in Lone Pines Koala Sanctuary

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary was established in 1927 which makes it the world’s oldest and largest Sanctuary for Koalas. This 11 acre facility is located in Fig Tree Pocket, Queensland, Australia. The first owners of this property were known to plant the lone hoop pine tree, owning to the current name of this sanctuary. Initially, the place started with two koalas; Jack and Jill.

Now the facility is home for several other animals, predominantly native to Australia. Collections include Kangaroos, Wombats, Platypus, Tasmanian Devils and certain species of reptiles. What makes your visit more special is that sanctuary lets visitors hold koalas for a fee. Such leniency is shared by only a few other sanctuaries around the world. Koalas are placed in a large enclosure called the ‘Koala Forest’.

The sanctuary contains around 30 koalas which are fed mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Visitors have plenty of other activities to do. For instances, they can feed kangaroos or even take pictures of Australian reptiles. With a staff of very friendly and welcoming guides, the visit become more exciting as they enlighten people about the importance of conservation and protection of wildlife.

View Koalas in Lone Pines Koala Sanctuary webcam.

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