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Grizzly Bear Web Cams

Grizzly bears are very curious animals and their act of exploring any new object ends up either being eaten or crushed after failed attempts of consuming it. These top-of-the-food-chains predators have a set of 42 teeth’s, which they make use in eating both plants as well as meats.

They weigh 400 lbs on average. The video shows how a grizzly cub tries to investigate a camera. In this process, the bear reveals its teeth’s and the interior structure of its mouth. Although, it did not break the camera and eventually moved on! The photographer later explains that the bear was merely playing with the camera and didn’t mean any harm. Grizzlies are highly intelligent animals and develop long lasting relationship with humans when trained appropriately.

Facts about grizzly bears

  • Grizzlies are actually subspecies of the larger coastal brown bears.
  • Despite their large size, grizzly bears are known to run as fast as 50 km/ hour. Such high speeds can impart deadly blow to a human who might come in their way.
  • The average life span of a grizzly bear is found to be 25 years.
  • Grizzly bears hibernate during the winters; when the food is scarce and temperatures drop down to sub-zero. They dig dens in and around hills with the help of their giant claws and limb muscles.
  • A hibernating bears heart beat drops to as low as 8 beats per minute compared to its normal rate of 40 beats per minute.
  • Their sense of smell is even more profound than a hound dog.

Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, Montana

The small town of West Yellowstone is located in the Gallitin County and in the state of Montana. The town has a low population of 1 300 living in an area of 2.07 km2. One of the most attractive sites to visit around the town is the Yellowstone National Park which is located adjacent to it. This 2 million acre park of lush vegetation and green forests spreads its reach to the adjacent states of Wyoming and Idaho. Established in 1872, the park is widely considered to be the first national park of the world.

Apart from the rich collection of flora and fauna, the park is also famous amongst visitors for several of its geothermal features with the Old Faithful Geyser being one of the most popular sites to visit. With a wide range of ecosystems, the park has been thriving with a large variety of wildlife for centuries together. It is acclaimed to be the finest mega fauna wildlife habitat in lower 48 states of USA. Among the 60 species of mammals found in the park, some of the major animals are grizzly bears, moose, mountain lion and bison (buffalo).

Wildlife lovers will soon realize that this park is neither the right place nor the way to observe these untamed and wild animals. The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center is year-round open wildlife park located in Montana. Currently, only 16 000 of these magnificent animals live. Attempting to educated people around the world on the importance of conservation, the facility has set webcams around the park which uploads live video from the exhibit. With this, viewers now have the opportunity to witness activities of various bears.

View Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, Montana web cam.

Grizzly Bears in Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle

Located in Seattle, Washington, the Woodland Park Zoo is a zoological garden covering a total land area of 92 acres. 1 098 animals belonging to 300 different species are sheltered in this zoo. Giving the zoo its rich and natural look are its 7,000 trees, 1000+ plant species and above 50,000 shrubs and herbs. On an average, the zoo gets an annual hit of 1.2 million visitors.

The zoo is also an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). This large facility has several exhibits, each manipulated to resemble a particular environment most suitable for its inhabitants. The Northern Trail exhibit is one of the major exhibits of the zoo. Its landscape is rendered to resemble that of Tundra and Montana.

This trail is home for Grizzly Bears, Wolves, artic fox and many others. This award-winning exhibit is equipped with webcams monitoring the movements of these animals. The park features two grizzly bears; Kemma and Denali. In order to increase their activities, the bears are scatter-fed across the large exhibit so that they search for their food; just like in wild. The trail also features a deep pool where the bears can fish.

View Grizzly Bears in Woodland Park Zoo web cam.

Grizzly Bears in Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountains is a popular tourist attraction site located in North Vancouver, Canada. It is part of the North Shore Mountains of the Pacific Ranges. Apart from being an eminent location for skiing and other winter sport activities, tourists also visit this site to view its broad wilderness. Around 1.2 million people visit the Grouse Mountain annually.

The research and conservation center located in the mountains is responsible to maintain a wilderness sanctuary for certain endangered species. This facility is run by staffs and researchers dedicated to the sole purpose of conservation and protection of wildlife.

Along with it, the refuge also offers education programs that incline attention of visitors to the depleting population of grizzly bears and provide intuition to appropriately react to the current circumstances. Consequently, the sanctuary has installed live webcams which follows each activity of these grizzly bears and stream it live on the website.

View Grizzly Bears in Grouse Mountain web cam.


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