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Monkey Web Cams

Monkeys are small to medium sized primates which are broadly found across the globe. About 260 species of monkeys have been discovered by humans till now. These mammals are considered to be fairly intelligent and are also known to incorporate body language while communicating.

The video below illustrates the curiosity of these animals towards foreign materials as this 4 month old white-cheeked gibbon monkey makes an attempt to hold on to the camera, only to be turn down by the glass in-between. This particular species of monkey is critically endangered and the need to take immediate action for restoration of its population is necessary.

Fun facts about Monkeys:

  • Just like humans, monkeys make use of body language, facial expressions and vocalization in order to communicate.
  • Astonishingly, many features of monkeys match to that of humans. Monkeys are socialized animals and prefer to stay in groups and carrying out several activities together such as hunting and travelling together.
  • Monkeys make effective use of their limbs and fingers for climbing and holding on to objects.
  • Tail of a monkey has the strength to support its entire body while suspended upside down.
  • Unlike other mammals, monkeys do not have, in particular, a mating season and can mate any part of the year.

Monkeys in Blank Park Zoo

Opened in 1966, the Blank Park Zoo is a 22 acre facility located in Iowa. This zoological park is home to about 1500 animals from over 200 species. Apart from some major animal exhibits, the zoo also features 2 species of monkeys; the Japanese macaque and common squirrel monkey.

The former which is commonly referred to as the snow monkey is a native species of Japan. With the help of web cams located in the zoo, scientists try to study various aspects of these monkeys. Also, this live feed of monkeys is used by many institutes and schools as an education tool for teaching the importance of conservation of wildlife.

View Monkeys in Blank Park Zoo Web Cam.

Monkeys in Edinburgh Zoo

Located in Scotland, the Edinburgh Zoo is an 82 acres Zoological Park which was inaugurated in 1913. The zoo shelters around 170 species of animals and birds. The zoo features several exhibits and animal trials. Around three species of monkeys are put in display for visitors. The national primate behavioral research center is located at the zoo.

This facility uses state-of-the-art web cams to stream live videos of common squirrel monkeys with the help of which, researchers can study primate behaviors. Large amount of money is spent on research and conservation programs. Such attempts for promoting animal awareness has proved to be rewarding as more and more visitors are now concerned about the depleting biodiversity and its dangerous consequences.

View Monkeys in Edinburgh Zoo Web Cam.

Apes in San Diego Zoo

Opened in 1916, the San Diego Zoo is home to over 3 700 animals that come from over 650 species and subspecies. The Zoo is located in Balboa Park, San Diego. This 100 acre facility is an accredited member of Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) as well as the American Alliance of Museums (AAM). San Diego Zoo was amongst the first organization to develop the concept of open-air enclosures that provide the animals with a natural habitat landscape.

Orangutans and Siamangs are part of the major exhibits of the zoo and are loved by all for its intelligences and personality. A lush green habitat with trees and climbers has been created for these primates so as to present a realistic replica of wild terrain. Webcams in the zoo stream live videos of these primates in order to draw the attention of people towards the issue of protection and conservation.

View Apes in San Diego Zoo Web Cam.

 Gorilla’s and Monkeys in National Zoological Park, U.S.

The national Zoological Park was opened in 1889. This 163 acre facility happens to be one of the oldest zoos in United States. Visited by many, this old zoo is house to many species of animals. The “Great Ape House” and the “Small Mammal House” shelter various kinds of monkeys and gorillas’. The former is home for 6 gorillas and 6 orangutans, both separately caged in different enclosures. Smaller mammals are kept in the small mammal house.

This includes species of monkeys like the Black Howler and Titi monkeys. The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) is the conservation and research centre of the zoo whose goal is to provide good animal care as well as conservation of wildlife. Webcams located in the zoo stream videos of 6 western lowland gorillas.

View Gorilla’s and Monkeys in National Zoological Park Web Cam.

Snow Monkeys in Highland Wildlife Park

Located in Kingussie, Scotland, the Highland Wildlife Park is a 260 acre facility. The zoo is an accredited member of British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA). A troop of a few snow monkeys is only a small part of the other 350 animals that live in this zoo.

Apart from the major exhibits such as native Scottish wildlife, visitors also come in large number to take a glimpse of these wonderful snow monkeys. Live webcams have been placed that monitors movements and activities of these monkeys for most parts of the day. Such records and data’s help scientists learn more about their behavior and personality.

View Snow Monkeys in Highland Wildlife Park Web Cam.

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