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Rabbits as known members of the Leporidae family are highly intelligent and social animals often requiring a vast amount of attention. They are often viewed as exceptional companions when properly maintained and cared for in a family environment.

To date there are several species of the rabbit found all over the world constituting what is known as the Lagomorpha order known for including hares and pikas.

Rabbits kept as domesticated pets may often be allowed to run around in the home. However it is generally suggested that they are initially confined to small space such as a large dog crate or playpen with an included letterbox for a bathroom of their own before permitted to have the free run of the house.

Rabbits are known for getting along with other household pets such as cats and well trained dogs. Nevertheless as a standard rule dogs especially puppies should be trained to respond to commands before they are left alone and unsupervised in the presence of a free-running rabbit.

Facts about Rabbits

▪       Rabbits are best known for living in groups known as a warren. The European rabbit native to the southwestern European regions of Portugal and Spain and the northwestern territories of Africa including Algeria and Morocco are popularly known for living in an underground habitat known as a rabbit hole or burrow.

▪       Rabbits have been observed to display a physiological necessity to breathe through the nose rather that their mouths primarily due to the extending of the epiglottis to cover the soft palate.

▪       One distinguishable feature of the rabbit contrary to other rodents is the presence of a secondary set of incisor teeth behind the first, and although they were previously classified with rodents under the Glires clad by the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus they were later separated as a result of a scientific agreement which concluded that many of the existing similarities were as a direct result of the individual evolution of indistinguishable features of the two species.

▪       Rabbits unlike other herbivores rather than chewing their cud are renowned to consume their own feces to facilitate the digestive process of their food to accommodate the extraction of adequate nutrients.

▪       Rabbits by consistently grooming themselves are often prone like many cats to get hairballs. However unlike cats the rabbit cannot regurgitate their food which may result in fatal blockage of the intestines. This can be avoid by constantly brushing the rabbit and including a handful of fresh hay and vegetables to their daily diet along with an exercise routine of 30 hours weekly.

▪       Contrary to most beliefs rabbits do not develop the viral disease known as rabies. However they may become infected with a number of parasitic tapeworms such as Taenia serialis as well as several external parasites including mites, fleas, and species of the coccidia protozoa.

▪       Rabbits unlike hares are born hare less and blind, a condition commonly referred to as altricial, hares on the other hand are precocial born with good vision and hair.

▪       Rabbits with the exception of the cottontail species found in the Americas are known for living in underground burrows in groups, while hares as with the cottontail rabbit are known to habitat simply constructed nests above ground and generally do not live in warrens.

▪       Rabbits are known for having shorter ears, smaller build, shorter hind legs and no visible black markings on their coat as customarily found on the undomesticated hare.

▪       European customs experienced in some parts of the works including North America, South America and many regions of the Middle East are known for generally observing a culture where the rabbit and hare are raised not only to be kept as pets but also as a source of food.

▪       Rabbit meat observed as rich in protein value is much leaner than pork beef and even chicken and as such can be prepared in a similar manner much like chicken.

▪       When threatened or forced into a corner the rabbit may lunge, scratch or possibly bite. However a rabbit will rarely bite hard enough to cause severe damage.

▪       The Rabbit has been historically observed as a symbol of rebirth, fertility and even playful sexuality. Nevertheless the rabbit has been closely associated with Easter and spring where it has been customarily used in the representation of the Easter Bunny to cast its role as an animal of prey to create the perception of innocence.

The Bunny Rabbit Playroom Cam

The House Rabbit Society in Richmond California via their website allows viewers to watch a live video stream of their resident bunt rabbits playing in their playroom. The society renown for its role in the rescue and housing of orphaned rabbits has aided more than 30,000 rabbits.

View The Bunny Rabbit Playroom web cam.

Brooklyn Bunny Webcam

Founded on August 28th 2005 by Kate Johnson and Kevin Dresser the Brooklyn Bunny website was developed for the purpose of providing a rabbit pet-sitting service for rabbit owners while they were at work. Subsequently that idea was dismissed and today the website serves in providing online viewers with a live video stream featuring the Dwarf Hotot rabbit Roebling.

View Brooklyn Bunny Webcam.

FosterBunnies Rabbit Webcam

FosterBunnies has been providing a home for orphaned and abused rabbits who are no longer cared for by their owners. The foundation through their website allow visitors and potential owners an opportunity to view a number of rabbits available for adoption through a series of bunny photos and via a live webcam video stream rather than going out to the local pet store or breeder.

View FosterBunnies Rabbit Webcam.

Binky Bunny House Rabbit Webcam

The Binky Bunny House Rabbit community focusses on housing a number of non-breeding rabbits within the home. Through the Binky Bunny website visitors are able to watch a number of videos taken from several webcams featuring rabbits that are cared for in house in addition to obtaining a wealth of information on rabbit care and breeding.

View Binky Bunny House Rabbit Webcam.

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