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Tigers are giant and ferocious animals. Known for their striking power, the beast makes use of its hind muscles to propel forward towards its prey.

This naturally developed method to pound on its prey has induced a sense of fear among humans. But they should understand that the animal merely reflects their emotions. Tigers captive and under guidance of humans are found to be very friendly and known to keep their composure. The video below shows the curiosity of these animals as it tries to examine this foreign object. The tiger is tamed by the moving camera as it is drawn closer to it. After a while of playing, the tiger gets bored and moves on.

Facts about tigers:

  1. Much like a tail rotor in a helicopter, a tiger’s tail functions as a balancing mechanism when it takes fast turns. Along with that, the tail also has an essential purpose and comes to use while interacting with other tigers. This is the reason why tiger tails are 3 to 4 feet on an average and measure almost half of its body’s length.
  2. Being a carnivorous animal and known for their predator skills, tigers have 30 large and sharp teeth’s. Their primary canine grows as long as 9 cm which they use to hold and suffocate their prey.
  3. Average life span of tigers in the wild is about 10 to 15 years. But that for a tiger under captivity is around 20 years.
  4. Tiger forefeet’s have 5 toes while their hind feet have 4 toes. Each toe has retractable claws that grow up to a length of 4 inches.

Tiger in Zurich Zoo

Located in Switzerland, the Zurich Zoological Garden was founded in 1929. After 75 years of maintenance and protection of wildlife the zoo sheltered 2200 specimens of 300 species. The zoo provides a great enclosure for the animals and is known to maintain a very good hygiene as well. Being situated up in the forests, the natural habitat of these animals are well taken care off along with offering a good workout for the visitors.

Among all the animals, the tigers are probably the most exciting and thrilling exhibits of the zoo. Provided, the zoo has arrangements for streaming live webcam videos of these magnificent guardians of the wild. Their activities are tapped and streamed live on the internet with a motive of educating people, bringing into their attention the depleting population of these endangered species and to make them act for the conservation of these wild animals.

View Zurich Tiger Cam.

Dudley Zoo and their Tigers

Opened to the public in 1937, the Dudley Zoological Garden is a 40 acre facility in the town of Dudley, England. Some of the zoo’s larger inhabitants are giraffes, tigers, leopards, lions and many more. The zoo is house for an Amur tiger.

Amur are a common name given to the Siberian Tiger which are extensively found in the eastern most region of Russia. Amur are the largest subspecies of tiger and hence making it the largest in the cat family. Adult tigers can grow up to an amazing length of 10 feet or longer. Although, there is significant feature found in the weight difference between an adult male and female Amur tigers. Males weigh as much as 320 kg while females weigh only about 180 kg.

On accounts of intensive conservation programs and efforts, the population of these endangered species has stabilized over the years. A webcam located in the Dudley zoo streams videos of tigers on the internet that can be used as an education tool to teach children and school students about conservation.

View Dudley Zoo Tiger Cam.

Rosamond Gifford Zoo and Amur Tigers

The Rosamond Gifford Zoo is located in Bumet Park, Syracuse, New York. This 43 acre facility was opened in 1914. But only after 1987 was the zoo actually an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). The Zoo is home to over 900 animals with the inclusion of some of its most popular animals such as the African lions, Asian elephants and the Amur Tigers.

Besides functioning as a zoo, the organization has conservation education centre, Jungle Café, gift shops and banquets. Apart from educating people with the help of tiger exhibits and trails, the zoo has also played a great role in the protection and breeding of a family of Amur tigers. With the installation of webcams, the zoo intends to spread the call for conservation and preservation of such magnificent creatures.

View Rosamond Gifford Zoo Tiger Cam.

Isle of Wight Zoo

Previously known as the Isle of Wight Tiger and Lemur Sanctuary, the zoo is located inside a fort along the coastline of Sandown, England. The zoo mainly has a vast collection of big cats and some Madagascan animals.

Major exhibits of the zoo includes tigers and lemurs. Being part of the European Endangered Species Programme, the Zoo has been successful in breeding families of many endangered species including lemur. Among the large group of big cats, the zoo has a total of 7 tigers. Zena is the zoo’s only white tiger. As of now, two conservation projects are being funded by the zoo, out of which one works on the motive of protection and conservation of tigers.

The zoo makes use of live cams to monitor and exhibit these beautiful animals. The videos are streamed on the zoo’s website.

View Isle of Wight Zoo Tiger Cam.

Tigerhomes Sanctuary

Using the internet as a platform, the founders of Tigerhomes.org seek to bring it to the attention of global population about the declining number of tigers and the need to act on it. Their main goal is to educated and conserve these wildlife animals.

Making use of sophisticated cameras for surveillance, the sanctuary uploads live cams of these tigers on its website for the public to see. No alteration or pressure is applied on the animals for enhancement of public display, which is why a naturalistic behaviour is seen.

An easy subscription to the donation program and visitors can have access to all animal cams.

View Tiger Homes Web Cams.

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